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“The ultimate touchstone of friendship is not improvement, neither of the other nor of the self, the ultimate touchstone is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another...”

- David Whyte

I work with individuals grappling with some of the enduring questions that people have attended to throughout the human story, questions such as: "What is my place, my purpose, what do I serve, what are my gifts?" At heart, this questioning circles around what is most deeply important to us and what our lives are dedicated to.

My approach to working with people emphasizes receptivity and emergence, trusting that when a safe and honest container is created, then what needs to be attended to can reveal itself and be consciously met. To this relational work I bring over twenty-five years of contemplative practice and fifteen years working with initiatory rites of passage. I invite a capacity to be present, to listen, and to entertain a ground of 'not-knowing and a courageous kindness, an inquisitive befriending that supports a capacity to meet what previously we may have been unwilling or unable to bear.

“Over the long and patiently held months, since I met Rupert, he has been holding up the mirror for me to witness the wholeness of who I am. He tends this space with great humility, kindness, humour and immense wisdom. I feel deeply honoured to have him by my side as I cross this Threshold into Elderhood.
We record each zoom session and reflecting on them gives me the opportunity to watch the exquisite play of my conditioning and go deeper into each enquiry. My life has fundamentally changed thanks to spending time with Rupert. He has done the work and never stands apart from the reality of his own experience. This gives his presence huge integrity. I am deeply grateful for every session I spend with Rupert - I am seeing the world through a clearer lens these days after a lifetime of avoidance and frantic running.” 

                          - Lucy (Author, End of Life Doula)

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