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About Me

My background is in environmental and outdoor education with an emphasis on experiential approaches to exploring ecological identity. 


Part of my livelihood centres on contemplative practice. I have practiced in the insight meditation tradition for over 25 years in Europe, America and Asia, and teach at various retreat centres in Europe and beyond.

The other strand of my work is within Wilderness Rites of Passage. Over fifteen years ago I trained and apprenticed with the School of Lost Borders (U.S.) for several years, and now offer this work here in Europe.


In recent years I have sought to bring the fields of contemplative practice and nature-based practice together. This has been supported by living and working at Ecodharma, a contemplative retreat community in the Spanish Pyrenees dedicated to the movements for social justice and ecological sustainability.

The context of my work with individuals and groups is the exploration of how we can be pierced by and respond to the magnitude of the interlinked social and ecological challenges we are living through, whilst still being able to fall ever more deeply in love with this life. A guiding question for me is how to contribute to our times in a manner that makes full use of the unique gift of our lives, so that when we come to die we become good ancestors to those who come after us.

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